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Old 15-Dec-2009, 14:16
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Default Spirit of America

Today, the Marine Corps Association plugged this charity.

You can honor a brother or sister when you contibute, for example:

Here's what they said:

There is a powerful way for you to help our Marines in Afghanistan now and those who will deploy in 2010: Spirit of America.

We wrote about Spirit of America in Leatherneck last month.

Spirit of America is a charity that has supported the Marines "hearts and minds" and counterinsurgency efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. With donations from American citizens and businesses, Spirit of America has provided sewing machines, medical supplies, tools, shoes, blankets, toys and more -- all at the request of the Marines for the benefit of local people. This makes the Marines more successful in their mission and saves lives.

Lt. Gen Joseph Dunford, Commanding General MARCENT and IMEF, says, "Our challenge in Afghanistan right now is to gain the trust, confidence and support of the Afghan people. Spirit of America is tangible evidence of the good will of the American people. It contributes to a climate of trust and confidence between our Marines and the local people. In the current fight, it's clear that actions speak louder than words ... SoA is all about action!" See what other Marines say about the value of Spirit of America's support below.

We encourage you to consider supporting Spirit of America. You can specifically earmark donations for requests from Marines in Afghanistan and be assured that 100% will be used only to buy and ship the goods needed by our Marines.

You contribute by calling 800-819-7875. Or you can make a general gift to Spirit of America here
or earmark funds for Marines in Afghanistan here

Spirit of America has provided support to every Marines Battalion in Afghanistan. This is the way to help our Marines come home sooner, safer and successful in their mission.
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