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Post 2013 reunion - closing dinner

Reginald Owens

From: The President

To: The Members of The ANGLICO Association and loved Ones

At this time of the year, when the fall season brings a plethora of color throughout our nation, we turn our thoughts to our biennial reunion. A place and time dedicated for people who have not seen each other for some time, to come together and socialize, share common threads, break bread, compare medications, and return safely to our home - hoping that at the next reunion, we’ll see that long, missing buddy.

In the space of two years, our government has continued to be a world leader as the center-pin of an international economy, destroyer of forces that do evil for the sake of evil and at home, issue promises to grow the economy by creating more jobs and strengthening the middle class. On the world scene, the US military is a force to be reckoned with and make us proud, - always mission ready and achieving remarkable results when engaged.

The domestic front is littered with congressional chaos on both sides of the aisle. They can take a leaf from the military playbook on “working as a team”, in a bipartisan manner, becoming camaraderie, in a shoulder-to-shoulder effort, to forever end sequestration and settle the debt-ceiling question, (both issues weaken our worldly might and is simply not fair to veterans and their families.)

Meanwhile as veterans, our duty is to stand strong in our communities, take the initiative in providing leadership where there is none and implement measures that seek to cultivate a just society. Let us tell our stories while moving toward the incredibly challenging years ahead – let us step forward with compassion and tolerance, leadership, impartiality, fairness, equality and most of all integrity.

When the going gets tough – take refuge in these words from ‘Still I Rise’, M. Angelou:

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.



Dinner Seating

Master of Ceremony
(Vice President)

Pledge of Allegiance



Introduction of Keynote Speaker by:
Recent Past President Reginald Owens

Keynote Speaker
Lt.Col. Michael Grice (USMC Ret.)

Administering the Oath of Office

Tribute to Fallen Comrades

Special Salute to Association Widows; Mrs. Campbell & Mrs. Fidler

Marine of Valor
SSgt Ryan Eskandary

ANGLICO Association Outstanding Member Award
Colonel Al Ransom (USMC Ret.)

Next Reunion 2015 @ _______________

End of Program – Retire to the Hospitality Suite
Camp Pendleton, California
November 16, 2013

I​Call to Order.

II​Attention to Colors- Pledge to the U.S. Flag

III​Unison Prayer of Invocation (Non-Sectarian)

​Mission Statement

The ANGLICO Association is a non-profit, mutual-benefit corporation. It’s purpose is to serve as an organization for the brotherhood of Marines and sailors who have served with the Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) in the United States Marine Corps, regardless of years served, to foster the camaraderie, friendship, and brothethood of those who share the ANGLICO experience.

IV​Approval of Minutes

V​Roll Call:
​ Officers:​Directors

​ President​ Reginald Owens ​Bob Tomlinson
​ V. President Pat White​ Bill Steward
​ Secretary Andy Bubnis Dave long
​ Treasurer​ Dan McMahon Gerald Lafton
​ Sgt.At Arms Joe Swift Tom Petri
​ Chaplain Bob Cowen Neal Schliing

NOTE:​The Business Meeting will adjourn for the VA presentation and reconvene upon completion.

VI​ Old Business:

a. By-Laws (1) Storage of Records, (2) Corporation location
b.​Social Media web site (Vance Hal)

VII​ ​New Business:

a. Selection of Reunion Planners
b. 2015 Reunion Location
c. Membership Discussion/Dues
d. ANGLICO Association Schlorship Formation

VIII​Open Nominations for Officers and Trustees from the floor.

IX​Election of Officers and Trustees

X​Adjournment. Next Meeting @ ________________2015
Nightcover 1-4 Bravo
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