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Default ANGLICO Origins

The air and naval gunfire liaison company (ANGLICO) is one of the most unique and least understood organizations in the United States Marine Corps. It evolved from assault signal companies of World War II. These units, comprised of US Marine and Navy personnel, were organized into naval gunfire, air liaison and shore-party communications teams to and provide Fire support Coordination and Communications between the U.S. ARMY and the U.S. NAVAL forces.

Similar units, called joint assault signal companies (JASCOs), were organized to support Navy-Army operations. In 1947, the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) eliminated JASCO and shifted all JASCO responsibilities to the Navy. In 1949, the Marine Corps formed the ANGLICO to support both Navy-Marine Corps and Navy-Army operations. Since then ANGLICO units have seen action in Korea, Lebanon, Cuba, Vietnam, Grenada, the Middle East, and Desert Storm.

ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) MARINES were trained in: Jump School, Jump Master School, Ranger School, SERE School, JEST, Amphibious Warfare School, Forward Observers School, and ANGLICO Basic School (ABC). MOS for an ANGLICO MARINE would be: 0861 Forward Observer, 0802 Field Artillery officer, 2533 and 2531 Radio Operator..

ANGLICO MARINES spent most of the time in support of U.S. ARMY, like the 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne, 75th Rangers, 5th Special Forces, and U.S. NAVY, and Allied services. Units, British Royal Marines, Korean Marines, and Nato and Allied forces.

ANGLICO MARINES were proven from World War II, Korea, Vietnam all the way through to Desert Storm and Somalia. There was not a place that these MARINES didn't see.
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