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Default What it takes.......

To maintain this capability, ANGLICO units stay proficient in a number of tactical insertion methods. Static-line parachuting is the primary method; however, rappelling, fast roping, combat rubber-raiding-craft operations and special patrol insertion-extraction (SPIE) are all possibilities. (The SPIE rigging entails extracting or inserting personnel attached in a series to a rope slung beneath a helicopter. It's used when terrain or vegetation prevents the helicopter from landing.) In addition, First and Second ANGLICOs are currently developing military free-fall parachuting capability to support certain special operation missions. These insertion techniques, combined with extensive patrolling, load-bearing marches, land navigation and training in climates ranging from the arctic to the tropics, give the ANGLICO the ability to enter and move with any supported force.

Formal schooling plays a large role in ANGLICO training. Before qualifying for duty on an operational team, each ANGLICO member must have three to four months of training. Basic airborne qualification is first and foremost.



  • Basic Airborne
  • Artillery Spotters Course
  • Field Radio Operators Course
  • Tactical Air Control Party Course
  • Naval Gunfire Liaison Officers Course
  • Naval Gunfire Spotters Course
  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Tan Belt Course


  • Special Operations Spotters Course
  • Marine Air Ground Task Force Course
  • Static Line Jumpmaster
  • Pathfinder
  • Winter/Summer Mountain Leader Course
  • HRST Master School
  • SERE School
  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructors Course

This information was partly published by "Field Artillery" magazine in 1990.
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