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Default Military Connection

Looks legimate. Emphasis appears to be assisting young warriors in finding employment and benefits. There is a section for each branch of the military.

A Division of Gregory Media Inc.

I emailed the principal, and they are a for-profit company, as I suspected because of all the advertising. Still, for those looking for employment there may be some worthwhile leads.

Proceed with caution, and I'd steer clear of the "personal loans for veterans" and similar ads. Still there are many links that may be of value so some of us.

New Job Board – featuring thousands of Jobs
New Education Directory
Post 9/11 GI Bill Information
Employer Directory – featuring over 30,000 Employers
Scholarship Directory – featuring thousands of Scholarships
Marines Directory with bases, hospitals, transition centers, associations, benefits, forms and more
Links & Directories
Directories of Commissaries & Exchanges
Directories of Benefits, Organizations & Forms
Military Pay Charts & Retirement Calculators
Salary & Cost of Living Calculators
Virtual Job Fairs featuring Top Jobs
Directories of Career/Job Fairs
Job Tips including Interviewing Questions
News, Videos, Music, & a Forum
Veterans Q&A
Columns of Interest including Syndicated Columnists & Employment Coaches
Professional Conferences & Reunions
Golf Courses
Nightcover 1-4 Bravo
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