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Among the most elite and highly regarded units in the United States Marine Corps, are the several Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company (ANGLICO) units. These Marines and attached Navy personnel have coordinated air, naval gunfire, artillery and other support to Marines, other U.S. forces, and numerous allied units since the Korean War.

Even at it's inception, ANGLICO operated in a unique manner. During the Korean War, 1st ANGLICO Marines were TAD to 1st Signal Company and detached to several ROK Marine Regiments. Teams operated alone, and detached to units that required their skill set. If you're a Marine, you recognize place names like "Heartbreak Ridge", "The Punchbowl", and "Chosin (Jang Jin in Korean) Reservoir". Well, 1st ANGLICO Marines were there.

In Vietnam, Hanoi Jane singled us out several times as the bad boys. If the Commies were that aware of us, we must have been doing something right! We supported many U.S. and Allied units there, including the Korean Marine Corps. We were there at their most famous battle of Tra Binh Dong, making our mark in USMC and ROKMC history. ANGLICO remained on the DMZ with Vietnamese Marines long after U.S. forces were officially withdrawn, departing by helicopter when surrounded by Soviet-built tanks.

More recently, at the battle of Battle of Khjafji, the first battle in Desert Storm, an ANGLICO team took charge and became the deciding factor in the battle. Today, in Iraq and in Afghanistan, ANGLICO remains a key player on the battlefield, highly adaptable, skilled, and deadly.

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